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All about much of what I've experienced following the death of my grandfather last week, plus one of the last two conversations I had with him.

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I'm back with this brief, solo episode before guests return next week! Sometimes it's easy to talk yourself out of doing things after a few of life's hiccups. I found my motivation to return to what I love, like podcasting. Finally.

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In which Marine Madesclaire visited from Seatte and we have a few beverages and discuss the stress of having to always have acting gigs lined up, plus other things. Trigger alert: self-mutilation is briefly discussed

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In which Adam Scherer and I discuss depression and the passing of actor/comedian/awesomeface Robin Williams, and share stories regarding how he affected our and others' lives.

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After an intro regarding the passing of Robin Williams that was reported during the recording of this episode, Larry and I delve into how filmmaking has seemed to change over the years and how he prefers to stretch the boundaries. Appropriately enough, we also discuss humor as a tool to cope with sensitive topics. Donate to the indiegogo campaign and get Mitch & Tanner Save America out there!

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Sarah Goldberg returns to talk about our day at The Price Is Right, then the upcoming week of chaotic fun that is GISHWHES, a scavenger hunt run in part by Misha Collins. She also discusses how it made a personal impact.

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#61 - Pro wrestler Joey Image

Joey is a professional wrestler from Jersey who has been dealing for over a year now with multiple back injuries and being unable so far to return to the ring. We discuss his career and his current focus on staying involved with the profession while also healing.

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In this slightly delirious episode, I recap with Adam Scherer my move from Seatlle to LA. A bit sleep deprived and delirious, so we, of course, discuss Facebookings.

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A brief solo ep, recorded from a superclassy hotel room in Oregon, in which I talk about the emotional crap from getting a house ready for sale and the migration to LA from Seattle thus far. Never underestimate the workload. Seriously.

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#58 - Adam Scherer loves the box

In which we discuss Adam's move from Atlanta to LA in 2008 to pursue a career in entertainment as a voice actor, writer, and behind-the-camera guy, and how easy it can be to want to give up.

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#57 - Nerf Herding with Vlad Neko, pt 2

In part 2, we discuss his then-impeding surgery (everything went well), podcasting stresses, and comedic grocery purchases.

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In which we discuss Nerf wars, Nerf Herder Podcast, sexuality from more of a teenage perspective, pressure from society to fit in, and more.

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In which we discuss vidja games, cosplay (Vorel Darastrix on Facebook), our shared bodypainting experience during ECCC, and all sorts of other geekery.

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In which Bill discusses leaving his regular day job to start Punished Props, his prop-making business that specializes in cosplay, as well as how he found motivation to drop 60 pounds and get super fit. 

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A solo episode in which I look at the odd way we tend to evaluate others over something superficial or without knowing much of the story.

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We dig more into what we began discussing in part one, including the realization of Sarah's mother having a bigger condition than most previously had considered. 

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We discuss in this two-part episode eating curdled truffles in a crowd, medically necessary cats, and Sarah's discovery that her mother tends to exhibit manic behavior.

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My 9-year-old son Jaden wanted to see how the podcast is made. While he learns how it works, we discuss troubles in class and how he feels about us moving to Los Angeles this summer. Kid attention span = short episode.

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#49 - Jennifer Blanc-Biehn & Michael Biehn

In which we discuss functional alcoholism, self-image issues, bullying, and doing things for the love of it. Check out their bbbasement fan site for more info on upcoming projects and potential contests for members!

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In this episode, we discuss the anxieties of starting and continuing podcasts, creating original content, finding compatible cohosts, and more, all while drinking tasty beer in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

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I'm selling my house and moving from Seattle to Los Angeles this summer, and have a pile of worries/fears to work out before then. In this solo ep, I babble on about the source of my issues regarding this impending move, including growing up without my own residential stability.

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#46 - Interpretive kickball with Galen Howard

Galen's in a new indie film released by Lionsgate, Children of Sorrow, about falling into a cult. We discuss his role, experience as an actor, and a quirky childhood in which parents actually encouraged his creative growth, even through therapy.

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#45 - Grandpa's medicine with Joe Rivera

In which I discuss with Joe Rivera nerdiness, adult beverages, comedy, arrogance, and the work behind starting the new site Next Level Geek.

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#44 - Julianne Gabert on the six degrees of Jen Aniston's butt

Julianne Gabert, who I met through the internets without being murdered, talks of life in Los Angeles, acting, and being part of a startup website called Next Level Geek. Also something about a red butthole.

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#43 - To Fund A Monster

In which I discuss the anxieties of attempting to finance the indie film To Find A Monster with producers Joshua Porter, Matthew Donaldson, and Amelia Belle, and actress Alanna Ubach. We discuss also their reasons behind wanting to create this 80's love letter of a film about two boys wanting to become the youngest horror filmmakers ever.

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In which actor Dan Fogler and I discuss his film Don Peyote, the show pilot he's filming, voice acting, and any other random thing that pops up. 

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I realize my content hasn't had nearly enough depth lately, so in this episode I discuss my thoughts on it and my plan going forward. Perhaps I have been afraid to get into details with guests for certain reasons, and maybe have been avoiding things rather than procrastinating. This is me going on record about working on all of that.

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Ashley (@healthyaddict) joins me to discuss how she got into atheism and began producing content of that and the nerdy variety. I learn how growing up in a closed-minded town actually caused her to find her outlet and more of her identity through interactions online, and for the better.

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I avoided subjecting a guest to my con-plague (thanks, Vegas!) and recorded this solo ep about New Media Expo, CES, Michael Bay's freezeup, and FOX News not getting the point of a Muse headband's de-stressifying abilities.

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